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‘Are you able to attend ASAP?’

I recently received this message from a regular client along with a video of what appeared to be quite an urgent issue.

I usually prefer to visit a job initially but at such short notice I couldn’t personally attend so I asked one of our teams nearby to investigate in the hope we could access the area via ladders.

We arrived to find the area was not accessible without suitable access.

The scaffold we arranged gave us safe access but also allowed us to install preventive measures to avoid this situation occurring again.

Admittedly this was not a huge job for us but
we regularly get the opportunity to tender for a range of work on the properties this client looks after and our client was grateful that we were able to get a plan in place quickly.

Despite the size of the job, reacting in this way builds trust, instils relatability and is a key part to building relationships that will help support our long term success.