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After many weeks of negotiation, candid conversation and careful consideration, we are finally underway!

On a job of this size and difficulty the roofing ironically becomes the easiest part.

1. Submit specifications and seek permissions from the Crown Estate
2. Liaise with neighbours and make various compromises.
3. Design & erect scaffolding, some of which carried through the property
4. Arrange suitable location for welfare
5. Arrange site security
6. Arrange landscapers to carefully remove planters from terrace
7. Arrange for air con to be temporarily decommissioned
8. Arrange for satelite dishes to be temporarily moved to scaffolding
9. Arrange a structural engineer to assess terrace structure once stripped
10. Ensure all material orders are placed & interim payments communicated.

Our ability to execute these enabling works alongside our trusted subbys is integral to the ‘roofing’ service we offer and directly affect the works schedule.

Deadline – May 31st

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