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Single Ply

Single ply as the name suggests, provides a waterproofing layer in a single sheet. It has a long lifespan typically in excess of 30 years, It is vapour permeable so will not blister, neither does it expand or contract with weather so cracks or weak spots will not form over time.

Single ply roofs are lightweight, flexible, cost effective and quick to install, which makes them increasingly popular for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Our staff members are manufacturer trained in the industry’s leading product. If you have you have any questions regarding single ply roofing please get in touch.

Key points

Roof type –  Flat

Property type – Domestic & Commercial

Lifespan – 30 years +

Colour –  Grey

Material – Thermoplastics & synthetic rubber

Fixing method  –  Adhesive & hot air weld

Guarantee period – 10 years (GWS); 15 – 20 (Manufacturer)

About GWS Roofing

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