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Have you ever played at Wembley?

It’s ok, neither have we sadly but for us this was the next best thing!

The hotel manager at the ‘Holiday Inn’ Wembley had asked us to attend numerous times over a 6 month period to repair various points of ingress.

The hotel is extremely busy so the issue he had was that he could not afford to lose rooms to water damage but likewise didn’t want to disturb he’s guests with tradesmen on site.

We arranged a pre start meeting where we discussed all of the managers worries about the works and were able to set out a weekly programme that accommodated he’s request to work in certain areas at certain times.

Deliveries were organised to coincide with the hotels quieter periods and extra labour was arranged to get the materials to the roof as quickly and as discreetly as possible.

We completed the works ahead of schedule and was able to offer a 20 year guarantee for the torch on felt system we installed.