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We were told by a domestic client that we were the most expensive out of three contractors.

As always, I asked for some feedback. Here a several things I discovered that we had allowed for, that others had not.

1. Because of the roof removal, the top lift of our scaffolding has a double toe board and is netted. We also allowed for a higher handrail over the pedestrian walkway.
2. We were upgrading the insulation to 270mm where possible.
3. We were venting the roof through the eaves, hip and ridge.
4. We are externally audited by the NFRC and as a result were offering an insurance backed warranty through the ‘competent person scheme’.

All of the above ‘should’ form part of a standard roof replacement specification in this scenario.

Thankfully, our client saw the value in this approach once it was explained and we’re now fully underway on site this week.

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