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This is another one of the younger lads I mentioned a few weeks ago that we have concentrated some time and effort on.

Sam actually left GWS for a general building company about 6 months ago which in hindsight has actually worked out for the best for the both of us now that he’s back.

Sam left in a very polite and gentlemanly way so he didn’t burn any bridges and said at the time that he just fancied a change.

Having taken the time with him recently I’ve now realised that, that wasn’t entirely true….

He felt undervalued, he had no direction, no targets and wasn’t being trusted to do much.

Since he’s been back I’ve made it clear what I need from him and although he’s always been a great kid there is a difference in him now, a drive that did not exist before to which I realise now I was partly to blame for.

Sam has now been put on training courses, been given more responsibility and been shown exactly what he needs to do to progress.