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Do you value the importance of a lead flashing?

A flashing is a piece of lead that is used to terminate an upstand detail – There are a few technical ‘must do’s’ but the most important one for me is the 25mm tuck inside the brickwork.

We were called to a job in SW5 recently for a property manager we have just started to receive enquires from (through LinkedIn).

They told me the flat roof had just been completed but is still leaking.

A GRP termination bar had been used to terminate the upstand. This is a cheaper product and quicker to install as you simply screw it to the wall (no tuck!).

As you can see from the images, the render above the wall was becoming saturated.
Truth be told, even a lead flashing may have struggled to deal with this, hence why we capped the coping stone above as belts and braces.