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We’ve had a very busy first week stripping the existing coverings.

The type of insulation we’ve uncovered and the method in which its been installed previously, is typical of a roof of this age.

Quilt insulation had been packed tight between the rafters and covered with a non breathable membrane.
This will have encouraged the roof to sweat and contributed to the deterioration of the vertical slate coverings.

The defective insulation has been removed from site and a rigid board that maintains a 50mm air gap behind the slate is starting to be installed with a breather membrane.

As always, we had pre warned our client that this could be a possibility so the costs have been budgeted for and we’ve not wasted any time deliberating and waiting for decisions.

A natural Spanish Del Carmen slate will be used down here alongside new code 5 lead work to the five dormer windows.

Look forward to posting the images of the completed works in a couple of weeks time.