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Have you had a job that goes wrong?

This particular job in Hammersmith didn’t start well for us.
We had been asked to diagnose an issue that was causing water ingress all the way along the parapet.
Due to the lack of a drip edge from the coping stone above, the inside face of the wall was becoming saturated so this was highlighted as the main issue.
We quoted to reduce the height of the wall and install a code 5 lead capping.

Once our scaffold was erected, we found our diagnosis to be correct but the wall was so wet, we could not get a sound fixing anywhere to allow us to install what we intended.

A plan B was communicated to the client…. Rather than try to ‘fix’ anything to the existing wall we would completely re-build the wall instead.
A deceiving amount of rubbish was produced as we had to dismantle the entire wall and all of our lead had already been measured and cut.

The team on site were changed as this was not their expertise.
The redundant materials were moved to another site where they could be used.

The job took slightly longer than allowed but we spent less on materials so the client’s costs were kept the same as the original estimate.

Things do go wrong…. it’s how you react 👍🏻