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Are you aware of the important role lead plays in the roofing industry?

This material has been mined and used since 6500 BC and despite many products being produced since, I would say that some form of lead is still necessary on the majority of our jobs today.
Quite often, it’s use is very subtle but it is always ESSENTIAL in being able to provide a long term guarantee.

This scenario is a prime example of something I see almost once a week.

1. Notice how one piece of ‘welded’ lead in one picture is doing the work of 3 separate pieces in the other. Crucially, the correct method is not possible once the window is installed.

2. This part of the detail forms the bottom soaker, that then allows you to slate the rest of the mansard.

Being a roofer in the UK means that our work is severely tested year on year and unfortunately for this customer, he had this same water ingress issue on three dormer windows.

The windows were removed by our glazer temporarily last week, secured and weathered throughout and are being re-installed with a FENSA certificate at the end of this week.