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Pimlico SW1

This is our first job for a new client and as in any new working relationship I have been keen to make a good impression.

The majority of the specification is leadwork so when I saw that there was no mention of ventilation I had to raise the issue early on.

As a contractor I often find it difficult to get the balance right between coming across as being helpful and informative whilst also trying to avoid being difficult or opportunistic.

The issues raised were in fact, welcomely received…..
We were able to receive a variation immediately that allowed us to order the products we needed and also explain to the carpenters on site what adjustments were necessary before they had progressed too far.

It’s been refreshing to work with professionals who are open minded to suggestions and simply want to do the best possible job, even if that does mean some unforeseen time and costs.

Thank you Will Slattery & Stenball Group

The job is really coming along and we hope this is the first of many projects together.