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Have you heard of the NFRC?

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors is our industry’s governing body.

To be a member, an independent roofing assessor must randomly inspect our work to make sure that British Standards are being met.

This allows us to sign our own work off under the ‘Competent Roofer Scheme’ and also offer insurance backed guarantee’s.

Pembridge Villas, W11.

For example, on this particular job we were asked to install a ‘Marley Eternit Thrutone’ slate.

Fixing instructions have recently changed considerably for this slate.
If we hadn’t been aware of the change, when assessed, regardless of how far we had progressed, if fitted incorrectly, the assessor could have demanded that we remove them.

Thankfully, the federations regular helpful bulletins keep us up to date with such changes so the works were signed off successfully without delay.