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It’s just a roof – Does it matter what it looks like?

As soon as we were given the order for this turret I was really keen to get started because I knew how impressive it could look.

The scaffold we had to build was quite complicated, with numerous staggered platform stages that could not take much weight.

Once stripped, all of the timber close boarding was treated with a wood preserver and all of the heavy cast iron guttering was replaced.

The two different type of natural slate used were a charcoal Spanish Cupa & pale green Vermont.
Code 5 lead hips were installed over treated wood rolls, clipped in place with copper and a lead apron weathered the change in pitch.
The combination of different materials complimented each other beautifully.

Re-instating the wind vane at the top was the quite literally the cherry on the cake.

It is just a roof, but in this case I would argue it does matter!