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Do you know the difference between a warm and a cold roof?

Knowing the difference is one thing. Knowing how to correctly install them is another.

A warm roof means that the insulation is installed ‘on top’ of the deck. A roof installed this way relies on a vapour barrier to be installed to prevent warm air/vapours entering the system.
We often find this to be missing as you can see from one of the images. (The measuring tape pointing to a bare timber deck).

A cold roof means that insulation is installed ‘underneath’ the deck. A roof installed this way relies heavily on cross ventilation, again, something which we often find to not be present.
This ventilation can be achieved a variety of ways. You can see a vented kerb detail in the picture with a water tap for example.

Failure to install these roofs properly can cause severe condensation and mean that the roof membrane and/or substrate deteriorates far quicker than it should.