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Do you know what ‘capillary action’ is?

Put simply ‘it is the movement of water along a material against an opposing force, such as gravity’.

The shallow height of the steps in this gutter meant that when gutter became blocked in periods of heavy rain, these steps were submerged and water was tracking back up underneath the laps through capillary action.

The client had been told that she needed to replace the entire gutter which was not only unnecessary but the material itself was sound. It was the design that was the issue. (Low steps – Below 60mm)

What we suggested therefore was to weld flowband expansion joints ‘over’ the steps, which meant that even if the gutter did block again, the issue could be avoided completely by amending the existing design.

At GWS Roofing we pride ourselves on being specialists and seek to give advice that’s based on many years of experience in dealing with similar situations.

Although not as aesthetically pleasing, we enjoy carrying out these minor repairs just as much as we do our larger jobs as it allows us to reinforce our ever growing reputation.