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Building a reputation is one thing. Protecting it is another…

I could post pictures for days of beautiful ornate leadwork and/or the sun shining of a glistening new slate roof. ☀️😍

The truth is we make mistakes along the way to completing these jobs and it’s how we react to these mistakes that develops trust and allows clients to be comfortable enough to approach on site issues in a way that they know we will ‘always’ deal with the issue.

Five mistakes from recent weeks gone by.

1. Ladder left down end of the day without being locked up
2. Rubbish left on a flat roof once the scaffold was struck
3. Cables left hanging down over a window
4. Tiles not cut in tight enough on a terrace
5. Stain left on a patio from a tub of liquid

Although quite minor issues, at GWS we treat our mistakes with the same care and attention as we do our finished product.

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