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Are all of your roofers with you full time?

This is an excellent question and one I was asked only yesterday – Its something that I often forget to emphasise the importance of.

The answer is a resounding yes!

At GWS we work extremely hard to keep our approach consistent over every job, large or small. This cannot be achieved with a revolving door of new faces.

Our employee turnover is very low – We have members of staff who’ve been with us 15+ years.

Our staff members are (covid-19 aside) mixed regularly which gives us the flexibility to flood jobs if we have to and encourage our younger lads especially, to be ‘all rounders’ rather than tied to one specific discipline.

This environment allows us to set quality standards from not only a ‘work’ point of view but also make sure that our daily processes are common place – This in turn sees them greeted with familiarity rather than contempt.

An example a process unique to GWS are our ‘lifting methods’.

This covers specific instructions for transporting materials to the roof safely. Records of these chats are recorded on site using an I-pad.

Keeping these processes consistent not only protects our men’s well being but also our reputation in the process.