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When pricing for these jobs there wasn’t any guidance or specifications. The client simply wanted a long term warranty. This is a very common scenario for us.

As well as quoting, you are advising, which is both a responsibility as well as a competitive edge.

Saltcroft Close, HA9 – The very shallow pitch (11 degrees) had pan tiles on it originally. We were governed by the parapet height so covered the roof with ply wood and created a ventilated, cold, RBM flat roof.

Drayton Gardens, SW10 – We arrived to this roof being insulated underneath the ply with no sign of ventilation. The RBM was also not permitted within the conservation area.
Nickolson air tracks were introduced as well as code 6 lead to form suitably sized bays and ridge.

Dyne Road, NW6 – Due to ample space in an unused loft cavity, a cold roof was selected alongside an air open membrane and ventilated dry ridge system (Spanish slate) in conjunction with a warm deck liquid (Sika) system for the parapet gutter.