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The type of weather we have had recently has been severe. ☔️ 💨

Many of the enquires we receive are for roofs that have simply reached the end of their useful life and need replacing entirely but a huge number of our enquires report water ingress linked to just one part of the roof that is otherwise sound.

Here are some examples of where workmanship at certain details has been found to be sub standard on inspection.

1. No use of doubles along the side of the Velux window
2. Lack of a welded internal corner on a flat roof
3. Defective pointing above a flashing where lead mastic could have been used
4. Lack of a welded gusset around a chimney stack and materials installed in wrong order
5. Render to parapet too wide and a slightly sky facing bottom edge

The difficult thing for clients is that all of these defects would not be mentioned on a specification.

Can you afford to put that scaffold back up?

Is your reputation affected by our performance?