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Acton W3

“Knowing to look beyond the obvious….”

We were asked to attend a roof over a shop front by one of our regular clients who is a property manager.

The roof above the shop belonged to a landlord who lived abroad and it had therefore been severely neglected for many years and numerous crude attempts at fixing the leak around the outlet had been attempted.

The outlet runs in to an internal pipe and access to it was not straight forward and quite invasive for the busy estate agents below.

Suitable working hours were arranged when the shop was quiet and the the opening up works to achieve the essential physical connection we needed were completed in 1 day.

Despite the excellent standard of roof coverings ‘on’ the roof itself, if we hadn’t had addressed the issue ‘under’ the roof initially, the rest of our works would have been futile.

Another 20 year guarantee.
Another happy customer.