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At GWS we use lead in many scenarios as we consider it to be the most versatile and robust option but it is expensive and you have to be trained to use it.
We have a few excellent ‘lead workers’ but they are often in high demand.

Having to rely on a leadwork specialist for a job that can sometimes take as little as 1 hour can cause issues;

1. It can disrupt the flow of a job if not timed seamlessly and cause crippling delays

2. You can lose continuity which leads to mistakes

The temptation then is to lean towards other less suitable/cheaper products and/or use lead, but incorrectly….

At GWS we’ve recently held 2 training days at our yard to upskill some of our more proficient roofers to help avoid these issues.

Here are some examples of scenarios where water ingress has occurred due to the lack of or incorrect installation of lead and some images of the training session in action.

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