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How often do you get asked “Can we talk about my money?”?

On average I probably get asked once a month.

Recently, one of the lads said “my liquids are of a much better standard now” and to be fair they are.

But for the money he wanted I said he would need to start running his own jobs, take more responsibility and not rely on someone else for the more advanced elements of a job that can present themselves.

I gave this example:

This job was carried out by a chap called Stuart. He has been with us for 15 years +
Regardless of the standard of the liquid, if we hadn’t paid attention to the detailing here the warranty would be completely futile.

  • Can you box the soil pipe in?
  • Can you step flash it?
  • Can you fit the cover flashings and mastic them neatly?
  • Can you engage with the client and leave them happy?

We gave the lad a small rise because he is a genuine pleasure to have around but he left the conversation understanding what the next significant wage increase entails.

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