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Foreseeing problems before they arise and planning for them, is often as important than the roof covering itself. 🔎
Therefore having good working relationships with other trades, is key to our core business. 🤝

Archway, N19

If we hadn’t reduced the timber window size and created an upstand to accommodate our insulation the warranty would be void.

Ruislip, HA4

Planning the replacement of the TV satelite mast alongside our liquids was integral to 12 flats maintaining signal throughout the works.

Hammersmith, W14

Replacing this rear elevation flat roof wasn’t possible without replacing the vertical lead cladding. Having all disciplines at our disposal meant minimal disruption for this client who works from home.

Battersea, SW11

Holding a pre start meeting to discuss the location of the air con pipe work avoided the lead slate being installed retrospectively which would have meant disturbing the new flat roof above.

Ealing, W5

Working closely with our solar contractor allowed us to work on opposite sides of the roof and keep the job water tight throughout and completed efficiently with no break in works for either trade.

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