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At first glance, the usual things that I look for to be defective on a London Roof appeared to be sound.

1. ‘Flowband expansion joints’ present within the Central Valley gutter.
2. Neat slating that follows the falls of the gutter.
3. Render to the front parapet in good condition.

On closer inspection however;

1. Despite expansion joints being used they’ve been used incorrectly. Joints have been welded at lengths longer than recommend.
2. The render to the front and RHS parapet has been brought directly down to the flashing without the use of a render bead. Mortar cannot move independently to the lead and has therefore cracked.
3. Lead flashings to the front parapet are too long (1.5m max if code 4) and/or missing above the gutter.
4. Lead flashings to the party wall ‘tacked’ in place and not ‘chased’ in to the brickwork.

This client had the roof installed just 3 years ago and was given a 10 year guarantee.

If you want your roof to be worth more than the paper that you’re ‘guarantee’ is written on.
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