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Do you value your contractor highlighting issues before they arise?

This approach has been the reason we’ve won and lost many jobs – we were told at quoting stage that we were the most expensive out of 3 contractors.

I suggested to the client that we had a zoom call to attempt to explain how and why I had allowed the spec & provisional costs I had;

1. Potential asbestos slates.
2. Lead detail against side of dormer. Although not the cause of any ingress, disturbing the zinc cheek is unavoidable to getting the ideal detail at is junction.
3. Height of door threshold – Rotten timber doors must be replaced and threshold raised in order to guarantee the balcony.
4. Design of scaffold – Our quote was more expensive but so was what we’d allowed for. Reaching all areas comfortably is essential to being able to install various tricky details.
5. Insulation – British standard minimum requirements had not been explained to the client.

Most expensive in this case meant ‘most thorough’ as none of the above was clear to our client before our chat.

Our first job this week was to test the slates for asbestos to which they’ve tested positive 👍🏻