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A client of ours called to say that they were having problems with a small side extension roof during periods of heavy rain but no ingress during light to moderate rainfall.
(Before image taken from the window).

These symptoms above were very helpful in diagnosing the following issues;

1. Central Valley gutter lay board was very low. We needed to raise the Velux windows to achieve sufficient height.
2. The pitch of the roof was borderline 17 degrees, therefore too shallow for the slate that was on there. We nudged the pitch up to 20 degrees.
3. The flashings have been installed with a lead substitute material and did not offer enough cover. Code 4 lead flashings were installed with wider cover.
4. Poor lead detailing around flu’s that had been installed retrospective to the roof coverings were cut and welded around.

Simply replacing the roof coverings alone would not have been enough to cure the water ingress.

Another happy customer with a long term guarantee and peace of mind.