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What do you think of fibreglass?

My answer – It’s been both good and bad for our industry.

Fibreglass (or liquid plastic), is a cold applied liquid that cures with a fibre matting sunk into it.


1. Avoids the need to use a flame in vulnerable areas
2. Can cover a wide area quite quickly
3. Very versatile – Excellent on roofs with plant or tight areas


1. You can buy certain brands off the shelf so an ‘anyone can do it’ attitude has evolved.
2. Being able to cover large areas encourages rushing which leads to a lot of snagging
3. You have to mix certain products together to ensure the product cures properly and often need to use certain primers for different substrates. Lack of knowledge leads to mistakes.

All of the liquids we use, require you to be trained before you are able to buy the product and/or offer a guarantee.

When used properly, in the right scenario and environment, we are able to offer 20 year guarantees whilst also installing a roof that is aesthetically pleasing.